Sunday, 1 September 2013

Notoriously Morbid 'Lady Lovely Locks' Collection - Swatches & Review

I am a child of the 80's, and a female, therefore I am a huge Lady Lovely Locks fan. As soon as I saw that Notoriously Morbid had a summer collection of pastel mattes based off the show, I knew I had to have it!

= WIN!!!

I even had a Duchess Ravenwaves doll when I was little... I miss that doll! I have no idea what happened to it, this makes me sad :(  So of course I had to include a pic:
Hmm!  I may have just discovered why I keep dying my hair from brown to black and have a thing for the color purple....

Moving on! This collection is amazing, seriously... its like my dream collection of mattes.  All swatches are over Urban Decay Primer Potion and I've used desciptions from Notoriously Morbid's site. The first pic of each shade is in the sun, second is in shade.

Duchess Raven:
"Can be mean, jealous, cruel, stubborn, selfish, domineering, cold, careless and conniving but you have to be to take over the kingdom, right?! A pastel matte purple for a tiny bit of mystery."
Notoriously Morbid Duchess Raven

Lovely Lady:
"Loyal, brave, kind, selfless, polite, resourceful, optimistic, dependable and friendly. Everything a Princess should be. A pastel matte pink for a lovely lady look."
Notoriously Morbid Lovely Lady

Maiden Crown:
"Funny and imaginative with a big heart, loves making up stories, styling her hair, and collecting bugs, but is somewhat impulsive and, despite being quite smart, would sometimes get herself into trouble. A perfect friend for the Princess! A soft pastel matte yellow."

Notoriously Morbid Maiden Crown

Fair Maiden:
"Every Princess needs a bestie! Daydreamer and painter, cool-headed, and intelligent. A pastel matte teal blue to be the fairest of them all."

Notoriously Morbid Fair Maiden

Prince Strong:
"Every story deserves a strong Prince. A matte pastel light blue for a tiny touch of royalty."

Notoriously Morbid Prince Strong

My favourites from the collection are Duchess Raven (of course) and Fair Maiden (because I think its quite a unique shade), but the whole collection is gorgeous. They were all soft, buildable and easy to blend - they weren't chalky at all like some mattes can be. I adore these and can see myself using them all the time! I got these at an amazing price - just $2.50 USD each, and also there was a sale at the time, so I also got them at 40% off! I believe these are currently being cleared out to make way for the fall collection, so get them while you can, I promise you'll love them!

Notoriously Morbid Swatches
Left to Right: Duchess Raven, Maiden Crown, Lovely Lady, Prince Strong, Fair Maiden

I bought these in my second order from Notoriously Morbid (the rest of which I'll swatch asap), and am amazed again at the quality, as well as the amazing customer service. Click here to see my first post :) I'm definitely going to become a regular customer, I've already got my cart filled up for my next order :x  

Hope you enjoyed my post, thanks so much for reading! xx

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  1. Oh these are so pretty! I wish I had known about them before!