Monday, 16 September 2013

Notoriously Morbid - Halloween Collection Sneak Peek (Swatches!)

Hey guys! I received my Notoriously Morbid order in the mail about an hour ago (seriously), and inside I found some samples from the upcoming Halloween collection. These shades... ugh, I can't even explain... so awesome! So of course I have to blog straight away to show you guys :D

Notoriously Morbid Bram Jar
Notoriously Morbid Bram Swatch Halloween
Bram: Ahh Bram, how do I describe the level of amazing? There is a reason I normally borrow the creators description HA. Anyway, to me Bram seems like a greenish grey with a ghostly blue sheen (which is more ghostly and blue than it shows up here lol). Its a really unique shade and I love it!

Notoriously Morbid Lugosi Jar
Notoriously Morbid Bram Swatch Halloween
Lugosi: An amazing rusty red shade with a gorgeous pink sheen. Another unique shade, that pink sheen looks amazing with the base.

Notoriously Morbid Swatches Halloween
Phew, I'm thrilled and these are just the free samples! I've got a lot more to swatch, as always I'm just blown away by the quality of Notoriously Morbids' products. The sheen on these two shades make them really special, I've got high hopes for the rest of the collection!

I've also just spotted an announcement on Facebook that Carrie plans to release two brand new products to the store this week so I'm excited for that. 

Notoriously Morbid products can be purchased on Etsy or Storenvy.

Hope you enjoyed this post! xx


  1. These are beautiful!! :D

  2. Bram is so beautiful! I don't have a single grey eyeshadow in my collection... time to remedy that perhaps? ;P

    1. Yes!! I can't recommend Notoriously Morbid enough :) Let me know if you want to purchase any samples, I'll be doing an order soon and u can piggyback on shipping <3

    2. Ooo quite possibly! I'd definitely be keen to get Bram, and Nicola might also be keen to piggy back on ^^ Let me know on Facebook when you're planning to order (if you haven't already heh).