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My Pretty Zombie - Swatches & Review

I have been eyeing up My Pretty Zombie on etsy for a while, so when I saw that she was running her annual sale of 33% off I decided it was a good excuse to pick up some samples!
I placed an order for 6 eyeshadow samples and 5 blush samples. This is what came in the mail:
My Pretty Zombie Samples
A cute kitty card filled with powdered awesome! There was a bit of leakage from one of the blushes, but meh.. it happens, not enough to bother me :) I ordered 6 shades of eyeshadow and a sample set of 5 blushes (I received 6!).
I have to admit, I worried about what would happen if this got opened by customs lol - little bags of powder labelled with diseases and drug names.. fortunately it didn't get inspected :D

Now... the swatches!!! Unfortunately I don't really think my pics did these shades justice, but hopefully you get an idea of how amazing they are!  Swatched over Pixie Epoxy in natural light and the descriptions are taken from My Pretty Zombie's store.

First up: the eyeshadows:

My Pretty Zombie Gangrenous
Gangrenous: "starts as a dark lavender and switches to a glossy green depending on the light and the angle"
This shade went straight into my top 5 eyeshadows - I had decided before I even finished one eye that I needed a full size. The duochrome effect is gorgeous and purple and green is always a winning combo for me.

My Pretty Zombie Anthrax
Anthrax: "Purple to Green with a gold to red shift"
Grr, my picture of this is not great, I couldn't seem to pick up the green - its much more obvious in person, I love it.

My Pretty Zombie Hoof and Mouth
Hoof and Mouth: :Blue to purple with a pink and silver shift"
I found the shift in this shade to be less obvious than the one in Anthrax, however its still a gorgeous shade.

My Pretty Zombie Grandma Cleavage
Grandma Cleavage: " a cornflower crayon blue with a gold shift...tacky yet fascinating"
Lol.. love the description. I think this shade is really pretty, the gold makes it really unique.

My Pretty Zombie Rabies
Rabies: "Minty green with a purple shift"
Another one that frustrated me when I tried to capture its complexity! You can't really see the purple shift in my pic, but its there - I promise!! This was my second fave after Gangrenous.
My Pretty Zombie mNg
mNg #3: "Bubblegum Pink with a blueish purple shift"
I don't normally gravitate towards pink... but I admit I really like this one. The blue in it makes it wearable for me.

My Pretty Zombie Swatches
My Pretty Zombie Swatches

Next, the blushes...

My Pretty Zombie PCP THC Blush
PCP: "peach with gold glitter"
I have to admit, I haven't been brave enough to try this one yet, I really don't know if I could pull off orange blush.... I like the idea of giving it a try though.
THC: "lavender with a sticky green shift"
Again with the purple and green, it goes without saying that I love this one - its my favourite blush of the bunch!

My Pretty Zombie LSD 6-Mam Blush
Benzodiazepine: "a red, red, red blush"
Woah... this blush.. its so RED. I am super pale so I'd have to be feeling brave to try it... I wish I could pull it off though!
LSD: "a muted gray plum with a groovy red to gold shift"
Such a unique shade for a blush - looking forward to giving this one a go.
6-Mam: "plum with violet shimmer"
I like this one a lot, definitely won't have trouble using up the sample.

My Pretty Zombie MDMA Blush
MDMA: "rosy pink with a gold afterglow"
This blush is pretty well known in the indie world, and for good reason - its gorgeous. I nearly ordered the full size of this but it occurred to me that it might be quite similar to Femme Fatale's 'Fire Bloom' blush. Heres the comparison:

My Pretty Zombie MDMA Blush Femme Fatale Fire Bloom
Pretty similar right? In my opinion you don't need both. If I had to pick a favourite it woould be MDMA, its slightly more pigmented and has a bit more shimmer - but its really close. 

Overall, definitely a great first experience with My Pretty Zombie. I received my order in about 2 weeks (to NZ) and that was during a sale. I've already placed another order which includes full sizes of Gangrenous, Rabies, Anthrax and THC - the thought of running out of any of them is devastating! :P  Would love some suggestions on which other shades to try. :)

Thanks for reading my post, hope you enjoyed it! xx

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