Friday, 6 September 2013

Madd Style Cosmetics - Labyrinth Grab Bag Swatches

I feel a bit evil posting this since its not available anymore but it was my first Madd Style Cosmetics purchase and its a great collection! Ever since I was teeny tiny I've been a Labyrinth fan - my sister and I used to watch it over and over all day. So Madd Style releasing Labyrinth Grab Bag = insta purchase.
Madd Style Cosmetics Labyrinth
The bag came with 6 eyeshadows (there are 7 pictured here because I bought one from her regular range with my order), a lip balm, a lip tint and a deluxe sample.

I love the inspiration behind these shades! I couldn't resist going gif searching. :x Click the pics to make them bigger :)

Madd Style Cosmetics Ello
'Ello: "A royal blue with an aqua duochrome and aqua sparkle"

Madd Style Cosmetics Dance Magic
Dance Magic: "a semi-sheer sparklefest of badassery."

Madd Style Cosmetics The Masquerade
The Masquerade: "a nude-pink with bits of silver sparkle"

Madd Style Cosmetics Labyrinth Grab bag

Madd Style Cosmetics Goblin King
Goblin King: "purple with a blue duo chrome and bits of blue sparkle."

Madd Style Cosmetics Ludo Friend
Ludo, Friend!: "a yellow bronze with flashes of copper"

Madd Style Cosmetics Hoggle and the Bog
Hoggle & the Bog: "A golden green with gold and aqua sparkles."

Madd Style Cosmetics Labyrinth Grab bag
Goblin King is unsurprisingly my fave of the bunch! I love the blue sparkle in Hoggle & the Bog though, and 'Ello is such a fun color and that little worm is adorable!

The deluxe sample I received was 'Diamonds & Crossbones'. Its a super pigmented blue-toned pink.
Madd Style Cosmetics Diamonds & Crossbones

I also received two lip balms - one called Chilly Down (wild cherry flavor - love it!), and a tinted lip balm called Poisoned Peach, which is (funnily enough) peach tinted and flavored :) I'm liking MSC lip balms - the smell is great, but not overpowering and they seem really moisturising.

I received my order about 2 weeks after ordering - pretty good considering I'm in New Zealand! When I received it I noticed the $5 off coupon which was meant to be included had been left out so I sent an email; I received a reply within a couple of hours with an apology and a voucher for $10 off! I was really happy with the customer service.

I'll be keeping an eye out for more grab bags - I paid $27 +$5 post for this one which I think is pretty good value for what I received. I've just discovered that a new 'Pumpkin King' grab bag is being released 21/09 - I'll definitely be trying to get in on that! You can follow Madd Style Cosmetics on Facebook to keep track of any new releases and news, and the shop is here.

Thanks for viewing my post! :) xx

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