Monday, 9 September 2013

BFTE Cosmetics - Swatches & Review

Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics is another indie company with a great reputation. They have a large range of eyeshadows and other powder cosmetics and have a professional looking and easy to navigate website - always helpful!
Every week BFTE offers a deal for a full size eyeshadow (the Color of the Week) and 3 samples of your choice for $6 (plus shipping). I've ordered the COTW deal 3 times now and its always shipped out within a couple of days.

Last week they had a new shade 'Drama Queen' as the color of the week, so I picked another 3 colors and placed my order. I received the package about a week and a half later (to New Zealand) - pretty quick!

BFTE Drama Queen Beauty from the earth
This is the full size I received - I'm pretty sure these are the same jars Fyrinnae uses for their full sizes, but they contain less product due to the sifter. (Fyrinnae jars are absolutely PACKED).
BFTE Drama Queen Swatch Beauty from the earth
I have to admit, I don't like this color as much as I thought I would - it has a bit too much sparkle and not enough base for my taste. The base seems to be a brownish color packed with green shimmers and sparkle.
BFTE Whisper Meissa Dew Drop sample Beauty from the earth
These are the samples I picked - Whisper, Meissa and Dew Drop. Whisper and Dew Drop are from the Duotone category since I'm such a huge sucker for the duochromes :P Meissa is from the Pro Colors range. These samples are a pretty good size (about 1/4 teaspoon), and I do love that they come in jars.
BFTE Whisper Meissa Dew Drop swatches Beauty from the earth
I adore Whisper, it has a sheer pale base with an intense blue-violet sheen. I'm pretty sure I'll end up grabbing a full size of this one! Meissa is a great shade, and I found it smooth and easy to apply. Dew Drop is a 'pinkish purple with a greenish gold duochrome' - I generally love anything with a green duochrome, this one has a great base color too.

I'm impressed with my experiences with BFTE so far and I look forward to finding out what the color of the week is each Monday. The price is great for the amount of product you receive and picking out the 3 samples is always fun too - I'm working my way through the duochromes - gotta catch em all! :P

BFTE cosmetics are available from their website and you can follow on Facebook for updates, COTW announcements etc.

Thanks for viewing my post! :) xx

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