Sunday, 1 September 2013

Digital Nails 'Dig Deep' & 'Lying' - Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Sorry I've been a bit quiet, hectic week! Today I've got two polishes from Digital Nails to show you.  I picked up Lying and Dig Deep in a recent restock.
Digital Nails Dig Deep
Dig Deep is a "neutral gray crelly packed full of multiple sizes of matte gray glitter, and also a pale aqua glitter". Dig Deep is inspired by diamond blocks in Minecraft - though there must have been some drama over that, as the listing is now titled: "Dig Deep: a Digital Nails nail lacquer inspired by mining diamonds in that game that I'm not allowed to mention." Sigh! I've done my time in minecraft, so I'm loving the geeky reference. Even if it does bring back memories of many lava + creeper related deaths!!
Digital Nails Dig Deep

I think this captures the color of diamond ore really well! The swatch shows four coats alone (no undies) and two coats of topcoat. Although I love the depth of this, I will definitely use undies next time. I had no issues with the formula and didn't have to fish for glitter. Definitely a fan of this one.
Digital Nails Dig Deep

The other polish I purchased was 'Lying', which is a thermal color change polish.
Digital Nails Lying
"It’s a dusty deep purple at room temperature & transitions to a rich dusty teal when it goes above 88 degrees F" (approx 31 degrees Celsius). When I buy color change polishes I tend to go for quite dramatic change and this one doesn't disappoint!
Digital Nails LyingDigital Nails Lying
Apparently this polish was inspired by The Lying Cat from the graphic novel series 'Saga'. I'm not familiar with this series so I had to google a pic:
The swatches show 3 coats plus topcoat, and the formula was perfect.  
Digital Nails Lying

This was definitely a good first experience with Digital Nails - I like the thought and care that goes into creating their polish and their geeky inspiration is definitely a selling point for me! My order shipped quickly and arrived faster than I expected.

Digital Nails lacquers can be purchased through their etsy store and both of these shades are currently in stock :)

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  1. Love them both! I have a soft spot for blue colour changing polish ^^