Friday, 24 January 2014

Notoriously Morbid 'A Dark Christmas Dream' Swatches!

Ok! So I win the worst blogger of 2014 award so far! :P I completely underestimated how busy these 3 kids were going to keep me. Last year my 1 year old slept most of the time, my 3 year old didn't talk (constantly!) and my 5 year old .. well he's about the same, although he does fight with that 3 year old a bit more! But enough excuses :P
Notoriously Morbid jar
I promised I was going to show you swatches of the Notoriously Morbid Christmas collection 'A Dark Christmas Dream' and they've just been sitting here waiting. Fortunately Carrie has told me that she is going to be making the collection permanent so you can still grab these (and you will want to!). I purchased a full size set during the Black Friday sale.

The following swatches are over Pixie Epoxy and the descriptions are borrowed from Notoriously Morbid's website.

Notoriously Morbid Ebenezer, I Release You Swatch
Ebenezer, I Release You: 'Perfect victorian pink shade with a violet duochrome.'

Notoriously Morbid No Warmth Could Warm Swatch
No Warmth Could Warm: 'Ice cold blue with a slight violet shift.'

Notoriously Morbid Look Upon Me Swatch
Look Upon Me: 'Appears like a dusty mauve in the jar, this color, when applied or blended,changes to a metallic purple with a blue duochrome.'

Notoriously Morbid Shadow of Things Swatch
Shadow of Things: 'Appears as a charcoal gray with aqua green sparkles in jar and on bare skin, this color, when applied over primer changes to a dark metallic teal green.'

Notoriously Morbid A Dark Christmas Dream Swatch
(Left to Right: Ebenezer, I Releaes You, No Warmth Could Warm, Look Upon Me, Shadow of Things)
Notoriously Morbid Melancholy One Swatch
Melancholy One: 'Appears like a soft golden beige in the jar, this color, when applied or blended,changes to a light blue with an orange duochrome.'

Notoriously Morbid Stake of Holly Swatch
Stake of Holly: 'A holly green with aqua sparkles.'

Notoriously Morbid Spirit of All Three Swatch
Spirit of All Three: 'Gold with green and red sparkles (the green is more prominent).'

Notoriously Morbid Frozen Whisper Swatch
Frozen Whisper: This beautiful shade was only available as a GWP during the Black Friday sale - so glad I snagged it!

(Left to Right: Melancholy One, Stake of Holly, Spirit of All Three, Frozen Whisper)
I mentioned in a previous post that this is not only my fave Notoriously Morbid collection so far, its my favorite of any eyeshadow collection I have seen. Its perfection - the shadows are perfectly creamy and pigmented and the duochromes are beautiful. There is a great range of shades here also.

Carrie has just launched her own website which looks great, plus for the next week you can get an extra 25% off with code NEWNM25 - this code expires 12AM EST on Jan 31st 2014.

Thanks for viewing my review - the madness at my home will end soon when the kids return to school and I should be able to get back to regular posting :) xx


  1. Welcome back! Frozen Whisper looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. This collection is my favorite as well, I was seriously blown away when I swatched them. I'm really glad this is permanent and I can't wait until she releases her Valentines collection :)

  2. yayyyyyy i wore stake of holly yesterday and jupiter rain today :)

  3. Love your blog! I've never heard of this brand before, but I've already fallen in love with 'Look Upon Me' and 'Melancholy One'!!

    Great post :)

  4. Ooooo Stake of Holly! *Adds to wishlist*