Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy - Subscription November '13

Hey guys! Today I have my first subscription parcel from Innocent + Twisted Alchemy to share with you. I was so excited when Linda launched her subscription service, I've known it was coming for a while and I'm so happy its finally here :) The subscription is available in two options:

- 3 deluxe sized samples that are exclusive ONLY to the subscriptions.
- 20% off coupon code
- BONUS! Surprise items

Full Sizes:
- 3 full sized products that are exclusive ONLY to the subscriptions. 
- 25% off coupon code
- BONUS! Surprise items

I've gone with the sample option for now, but I'm hoping to upgrade to the full size after Christmas :) Here is what I received in the first package:

Innocent Twisted Alchemy Subscription
Look at her gorgeous drawings!! That is amazing presentation. She has included a sheet that lists all the ingredients of the shadows, a note about this months box, and websites for all of the other companies she has provided samples of. Those clamshells... so cute... look at the little faces... *dies*

Innocent Twisted Alchemy Subscription

The Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Shades:
Innocent Twisted Alchemy Chastity Hymn Swatch

Chastity Hymn: "a warm taupe that has green and gold shimmer and blue sparkles"
Innocent Twisted Alchemy Broken Silence Swatch
Broken Silence: "Smoky Purple that has a golden sheen and purple and green sparkles"

Innocent Twisted Alchemy Purity Harvest Swatch

Purity Harvest: "Neutral orange that has a golden sheen and green and blue shimmers"
Innocent Twisted Swatch
Look at them! I don't even think I can pick a fave! I do have a soft spot for Purity Harvest though, I wore it today and its so pretttty - I love getting surprise shades, because I get things I wouldn't normally pick for myself and they end up as favorites :) Linda has stated that she made a bit extra of these three shades, and will be releasing the remainder to her shop, so if you get in quickly you might be able to snap some up! I almost feel sad that they're not permanent shades... but I do feel special to have them so I'll get over it :P

The Bonus:
The bonus items I received were sanple bags from 5 other indie makeup companies. I just want to say... I think its so awesome in so many ways that Linda did this for us. First of all, the fact that she is using her own subscription service to promote other indie companies just shows how much she cares about the indie community in general. Also, I'm loving the chance to try a bunch of different companies in surprise shades! This must have a lot of time to organise, and I really appreciate it. 

My Pretty Zombie:
My Pretty Zombie is already one of my fave indie brands, my top shade of course being Violet Bites which was named after my daughter (read the story here). I received a sample of blush in the shade 'MDMA' - I hear about this blush all the time, its got a bit of a following in the indie world :)
MDMA: "rosy pink with a gold afterglow"
My Pretty Zombie MDMA

Notoriously Morbid:
Ok, if you read my blog regularly then you know I'm already a huge fan of this company. Again, I have had a sample of this shade before and swatched it already so I'm going to re-use that swatch here. Notoriously Morbid is a fantastic company with a superb formula, great color range, fast TAT, and all around excellent customer service. I am just about at the point of owning every color they produce, I love them that much.
Belle's Bounty: "A dark metallic gold with gold sparkles."

Kiss My Sass:
Another brand I really like - Linda has good taste! I also currently subscribe to Kiss My Sass's monthly subscription also, and I find that her products to be consistently of a high quality and she comes up with some gorgeous shades!
Aurora: " lilac with an intense turquoise shimmer that shifts to blue & violet in different lighting"
Kiss My Sass Aurora Swatch

Oslo Cosmetics:
I was excited when I saw this - it is a brand I've been wanting to try for a while, and since I haven't reviewed them before I took a few extra pics.
Orphicus: "Dark, shimmery deep forest green."
Oslo Orphicus Swatch
Oslo Orphicus Swatch
Oslo Orphicus Swatch
The description is spot on and the color is rich and pigmented. The only issue I had is with application. Oslo shadows are semi-loose - their base contains oil, which is why they have a different kind of texture and tend to clump into little balls or flakes. I found that I really had to press my brush into the flakes to pick up product, and then kind of squish them onto my skin to break them up and apply them evenly. The only other semi loose shadows I have are Fyrinnae, which I find are slightly softer and easier to pick up and distribute on the skin. However, this review is only based on this shade - I haven't tried any others so this is just my initial impressions. I'm still interested in giving a few more a go, especially given the end result.

Black Rose Minerals:
My previous two posts were on this company so you've probably figured out I'm quite a fan, I love the formula and they have an enormous range of colors. I was excited to see this particular shade, as its been on my wishlist for a while!
Fearless: " rich lavender that shimmers away with aqua sparkles"

Phew! If you've made it this far, here is your reward: Linda has told me that she'll be running a Tragic Tuesday sale this year (she doesn't do Black Friday sales because she works a lot over that weekend). The sale will be 40% off for one day beginning Dec 3rd @ 1am and ending Dec 4th @ 1am PST. I have begun compiling my list... lol, I'm grateful for a bit of notice so I can save!

I am so excited about this subscription! I can't wait to see what next month brings :) If you would like to subscribe, click here. Innocent + Twisted Alchemy store can be found here, and you can follow on Facebook for news and specials here.

Thanks for reading! :) xx


  1. This months sub box was awesome! I've been sick so I haven't been able to play with mine though. D=

  2. Oh my god I need to subscribe to this ASAP! I didn't want to buy from Innocent+Twisted because most her shadows are too sparkly for my tastes, but I think I really need it for the free samples from other companies. It's a great great way to try all the ones on my indie list :D

    And yay Oslo! I LOVE Oslo's eyeshadows! I usually pick product off the cap and use the ones there (I haven't had to dip in the actual jar yet :P) I love that they're so creamy and pigmented. You should check out their blogger package - it's so generous; it's what I buy every single time. $10 for four full-sized shadows!

    Wooo, thanks for introducing me to another awesome indie buy, Estelle!

  3. Ahhhhh so much awesomeness! I NEED Purity Harvest and Chastity Hymn!