Saturday, 10 August 2013

Darling Girl Cosmetics - Swatches (Part 2)

Finally part 2 of my Darling Girl Cosmetics post!  This continues on from Part one which you can find here.  I've tried swatching them a bit more clearly than the last post and all pics are in natural light and over pixie epoxy. One benefit of taking so long to get this up is that I've had a chance to trial the shades and I'm really impressed with them.  I found them really easy to apply and the wear time was also excellent.

Darling Girl Basket Case
Basket Case:
DGC description: 'Bright purple with turquoise shift and gold sparkles'This is the shade I bought a petit of instead of a sample and I'm so glad I did - I'm sure I'll be going back for a full size.  Its the perfect shade of purple and the turquoise shift is really striking. Also I found I only used a tiny bit of this - the pigmentation is fantastic!  I have to confess, I didn't even notice the gold sparkles until I was looking at this pic, but its a beautiful shade anyway.

Darling Girl Ghost Light
Ghost Light (spectral shift):
DGC description: a sheer teal with a touch of green iridescence and a golden shift.
Darling Girl's description sums this shade up really well.  Its a gorgeous shade, I love how it appears to glow.

Darling Girl Sultry Siren
Sultry Siren:
DGC description: a murky aqua base with a pink shift.
Sigh, I'm going to be poor - this is another one I want in full size! :P  I really wish my pics of this one were better, its so much better than it appears here, the shift is much stronger.  This pic does show the base well though, which is really unique and pretty.

Darling Girl Midnight Sea
Midnight Sea:
DGC description: a rich, matte, royal purple base with turquoise shift.
Wow, I was amazed how similar this was to Basket Case, however I think if I swatched them without the pixie epoxy Midnight Sea would be a much richer purple than Basket Case due to the matte base.  I adore both shades anyway!

Darling Girl Nerpette
DGC description: deep reddish purple base with strong blue sheen.
Super pigmented shade and a really striking sheen - I really enjoy colors like this.

Darling Girl Hang Loose
Hang Loose:
DGC description: Deepish periwinkle blue with pink undertone, gold iridescence and a smattering of color shifting blue iridescence for added depth.
Periwinkle is always a fave of mine, and this one is super sparkly!

Darling Girl Silly Sea Lion
Silly Sea Lion:
DGC description: Mid-tone grey base with strong copper sheen and soft silver iridescence.
This is a really interesting color - the combo of greenish grey and the brilliant copper sheen work really well together.

Darling Girl Freedom Rings
Freedom Rings:
DGC description: Somewhat opaque white with very subtle blue undertone and loaded with color blue and soft red color shifting iridescence.
I love this shade - it looks really ethereal.  Super pretty!

Darling Girl Teenage Dream
Teenage Dream:
DGC description: Frosty warm pink with silvery undertones and purple sparkles.
I have to confess, I didn't love this one.  Compared to the other shades I received I just didn't think it was very special - I didn't notice any purple sparkles either. It was a GWP and is still pretty, but its just not really one I'll wear.

Overall I'm really impressed with my first order from Darling Girl and I will be making another one soon :)  I noticed a couple of new shades that caught my eye while I was getting descriptions for this post.  I'm looking at you Charmed and Leaping Lizards!  

Thanks for taking the time to read my post - hope you enjoyed it xx

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