Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fyrinnae 'Winter 2013' - Swatches!

Woohoo! New Fyrinnae shades! I'm sure you all know who Fyrinnae is and what they do and the massive amount of respect all of us indie fans have for them so I won't hold you up with text :P Check out the swatches! (All applied over Pixie Epoxy).

Peppermint Vodka:
Lush, rich, shimmering burgundy enhanced with copper sparkle.

Because Cats:
A wine-grape violet layered on a dark base, sprinkled with a rainbow of sparkle.

Boot Season:
Multi-faceted green, somewhere between sage and pine on a soft dark base, and graced with hues of brown and rust.

Vibrant purple which sometimes appears cool with a blue hue, sometimes it's more warm. Other times it just sits in the middle, undecided. No sparkle, but a fine shimmer finish.

Sled Puppies:
Gleaming, shimmery transparent white gold graced with a touch of light blue sparkle.

Fireside Interlude:
Molten bright copper? Metallic gold on red? You decide. It is a firey, warm blend of hues with a metallic finish, and will appear differently depending on how it's applied, much like Mephisto.

(Left to Right: Peppermint Vodka, Because Cats, Boot Season, Snowboarding, Sled Puppies)
I just received these today (3 days to get from US to NZ!) and I am so excited to have a proper play with them. I've been eagerly awaiting this collection and I ordered it without even thinking about it. I had to leave 'Frostbytes' and 'Fireside Interflude' behind to keep shipping costs down, but I was fortunate enough to receive Fireside Interlude as a freebie anyway :) There is also a new blush and lip lustre which are on the list for next time! Also worth noting, I ordered mini jars and they were nearly full - it seemed like I received even more than I'm used to from Fyrinnae.

Fyrinnae Cosmetics can be ordered through their website, and you can follow them on Twitter.

Thanks for reading my post, have a great day xx

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  1. Oh my god your swatches make me want the colors I didn't even want before! Too bad I made so many purchases during Black Friday that I absolutely cannot order any more for awhile.