Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happy Revolution 'Nightcrawlers' - Review & Swatches

Hi everyone, hope your week is going well!  I have a super pretty polish from Happy Revolution to show you today! Happy Revolution polishes are a collaborative effort between Happy Hands and Polish Revolution. They are inspired by the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - which I haven't watched yet, but fully intend to, I've heard good things!  I blame the kids, they seriously limit my adult tv time.  I have a huge list of things I need to watch, but my husband is currently working his way through Naruto so I may have to wait a while...
Anyway, here are the swatches!
Happy Revolution Nightcrawlers Swatch
Ahhh look how squishy it is - so awesome!  Nightcrawlers is described as 'a wine-colored jelly with matte gray, silver, gunmetal, and burgundy glitters and red micro glitter'. and I think thats a pretty accurate description.  I love the red micro glitter in this.  
Happy Revolution Nightcrawlers Swatch
Application was nice and easy, and no fishing was required for the glitter.  The swatch shows 3 coats, with 1 coat of Jordana Quick Shine top coat.  If you haven't tired Jordana Quick Shine by the way, I recommend it - especially for you kiwis!  I get it for $3 at '2 cheap' and I think its just as good as Seche Vite.  You do have to stalk the store a bit though, because I find  that they sell out of it quite quickly.  Last time I saw it in stock I bought about 5 bottles :).  
Happy Revolution Nightcrawlers Swatch
Hope you enjoyed this post, I have another shade from this collection waiting to be swatched - 'Kitten Mittens' so hopefully will have that up soon.  I dont see this polish listed at either Happy Hands store at the moment (Big Cartel or Etsy) but its currently availble on Polish Revolution's Etsy Store.

Thanks for reading! :)

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