Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Eyeshadow Swatches (New July 2013 Shades)

I was so excited when Femme Fatale released 10 new eyeshadows that I immediately placed an order for the whole lot.  YUP I do have a bit of a problem, but I'm okay with that if it means I get tons of awesome makeup!  Heres what I got:
See I'm not sooo bad - managed to stick to samples for 5 of them and mini jars for the other 5. I received 3 free samples as well! :) Look how pretty they are in their little jars:
Femme Fatale Nethermancer
Femme Fatale Impsy
Femme Fatale Wildvine
Femme Fatale Secret Shiny
Femme Fatale Seafire

I expected my favourite to me Nethermancer without a doubt, but surprisingly its Impsy that I'm obsessed with (and not because Nethermancer isn't pretty too).  I think Impsy is a really unique shade and its SUPER pigmented. Seafire is another favourite, I love that shade of green!
And swatches of the five I received in sample bags:
You can easily see in these pics (particularly with Underlord) where I kind of missed the pixie epoxy, and it shows that you really do benefit from a sticky base with these - the pixie epoxy really brings out the full colour. I liked all of these too - I didn't expect to like Lightwell, its not really a 'me' shade but I dont think I'll have trouble using up the sample baggie, I actually think its really pretty. Deepmoss is another super pigmented shade and its gorgeous.  But my fave of this batch definitely has to be Oplaine Shoal - so delicate!

Femme Fatale cosmetics is closed at the moment but they are reopening on the 9th August with a big two day sale.  I'm really hoping that includes eyeshadows, because I plan to place an order for a full size of Opaline Shoal (as well as some others of course - its a sale... I dont have a choice!).  ALSO *cough* I may have yet another order already on the way *cough cough* so expect to see more Femme Fatale swatches up soon!  Remember if you want to try these shades out for yourself - Femme Fatale offers free shipping on all sample only orders worldwide.

Thanks so much for reading xx

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