Monday, 22 July 2013

Fyrinnae - Haul & Swatches

Not much can make me happier than opening the mailbox and seeing a parcel from these guys:
Seriously, it makes my day because I know that every single product inside is going to be amazing!  I'm yet to be disappointed by Fyrinnae (not gonna happen).  
Just look at how cutely they are packaged - love it!  Anyway, this time I ordered 2 Pressed shades, 2 Fullsize shades and 2 minis.  I also received 2 samples! 
The pressed shades I chose were Daemon's Tail and Unicorn.  I've wanted Daemon's Tail for a while and I read a post from one of the Fyrinnae boys on Twitter saying that it was 'on its way out' so I thought I better snap it up.  Unicorn is from the Pride 2013 collection that was released a few weeks ago.  These were $8.25 each.
Fyrinnae Daemon's Tail and Unicorn Pressed
Fyrinnae Daemon's Tail (Left) and Unicorn (Right)
The full sizes I chose were Sequined Master and Serendipity (formerly Te Amo).  Both of these shades are amazing.  I'm so happy I got sequined master in a fullsize, I love it just as much as I thought I would.  I've had a sample jar of Serendipity, and I adored it - I did my mother's makeup with it and she loved it, so I passed on the sample jar to her and bought a full size.
Fyrinnae Sequined Master Serendipity
Fyrinnae Sequined Master (Left) and Serendipity (Right)
Look at how much they pack into the jars!  Love it, definitely good value.  The Arcane Magic shades (such as sequined master) are $6.80 for this size, and regular shades (like Serendipity) are $6.25.  Worth every cent in my opinion.  The sample jars I chose were Sultry Samhain and Parental Advisory and my freebies were Mauve-o-Matic and Dinosaur Plushie.
I did some quick swatches, sorry they're not the best - my kids were hurrying me, but we had the first sun I'd seen in a while so I really wanted to get them done.  Click the pics to make them bigger.
Fyrinnae Daemon's Tail, Unicorn, Serendipity, Sequined Master, Parental Advisory, Sultry Samhain.

Swatches were taken in natural light. and over pixie epoxy.
Serendipity Unicorn Daemon's Tail fyrinnae

Sultry Samhain Parental Advisory Sequined Master Fyrinnae
I love all of these shades - they're pigmented and easy to work with. Customer service at Fyrinnae is amazing too. I've emailed them twice now with questions and both times they've replied within an hour (!) and they're not even in the same time zone. This is my 4th order and I've received all of my parcels within 2-3 weeks, which is pretty amazing given that I'm in New Zealand. They've shipped out within a week every time.

I highly recommend Fyrinnae, if you haven't tried them yet you should give them a go, sample jars are available for only $2.25 each, and they ship worldwide. Sample jars are packed with 1/3 teaspoon for regular shades and 1/4 teaspoon for the arcane magic shades - thats enough to last for quite a while. The hardest part is choosing from all the amazing shades!

If you have tried Fyrinnae, what are your favourite shades?  Its possible I'm already filling up the cart for another order... :P

Thanks for reading xx

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