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Femme Fatale - Haul and Swatches

Look what I got in the mail!  A package full of awesome from Femme Fatale!  I decided to place an order while the international polish clearance was on because I'd been eyeing up some eyeshadows anyway and it made the postage cost more worthwile.  I just want to say that the customer service at Femme Fatale is amazing - I was really annoying and decided I wanted to add to my order after I'd already placed it and Sophie was really helpful, she replied to my emails straight away and made the process really easy!  The turn around time is really quick and my products were pacakged safely and securely.  Delivery to New Zealand only took about a week.  Here is what I received.
How cute is that?  Presentation definitely influences how I feel about a brand and I love it when companies take the time to make customers feel special and like a huge amount of care has been taken with every order.
femme fatale haul eyeshadow arcane lacquer
My Femme Fatale super-haul
I ordered an Arcane Lacquer in 'Forget Me Not' (swatches and review to come), a full size blush in 'Fire Bloom', 1 full size eyeshadow in 'The Nightmare' and 7 mini jars in the shades Desecration, Shooting Stars, Nightlash, Haunt, Efflorescence, Polymorph and Dreamstate.  I also received 3 sample bags of 'Heart Blossom' Illuminator, 'Fizzy Fruit' Blush and 'Darkmist' eyeshadow.  I love how she gave me a sample of each different type of product to try and am particularly happy with Heart Blossom because I wanted to try one of her illuminators (they're great by the way!).
Femme Fatale Darkmist, Heart Blossom, Fizzy Fruit
Samples in Darkmist, Fizzy Fruit, Heart Blossom
femme fatale eyeshadow mini jars haunt efflorescence the nightmare desecration fire bloom shooting stars

femme fatale eyeshadow mini jars

I'm really impressed with the amount of product in the mini jars, these are definitely going to last me a while.  I had to have a full size jar of The Nightmare though, its just such an amazing colour!
The Nightmare eyeshadow swatches Desecration, Shooting Stars, Nightlash, Haunt, Efflorescence, Polymorph and Dreamstate
Swatches are taken in natural light - unfortunately they dont convey the sheer awesomeness of these shades, but it was the best I could do!  These were swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (if you don't have this by the way, go and get it!!! Its amazing).  Left to Right is:  Darkmist, Haunt, The Nightmare, Desecration, Dreamstate, Nightlash, Efflorescence, Polymorph, Shooting Stars and at the top is the blush - Fire Bloom.

I love all of these.  A lot.  I'm definitely going back for more!  My favourites are The Nightmare, Dreamstate, Nightlash and Shooting Stars, but like I said, I adore them all.  The blush is really pretty too and needs to be seen in person to really appreciate.  Here is another pic just because I think it shows the sparkle well.
The prices of these are great too, in AUD: $5.85 for a full size jar, $3.10 for a mini jar ($3.20 if you want a sifter), and $1.10 for a sample bag.  Femme Fatale ships powder cosmetics internationally and shipping is free on sample only orders.  I strongly recommend giving this brand a go!  Her products are lovely, particularly the duochrome eyeshadows (of which she has a great selection!).

And now, just because I'm on a bit of a Femme Fatale kick, here is a pic of my current collection of Femme Fatale polishes - they're just as pretty and unique as the eyeshadows!  I think I might have to do a Femme Fatale swatch month so I can show you guys these!  (I may also have more of the way... :X  - yup, I'm addicted).
Femme Fatale Nail Lacquer: Top Row: The Other Side of the World, Nightsong Grotto, Librarian's Shush, Keeper of the Grove, Jadefire, Displaced Dreams.  Bottom Row: Wolfsbane, Scorchling, Planar Anomalies, Incendius, Lucent Ametrine, Edge of the Cosmos.

Have you tried Femme Fatale?  What are your favourite  shades?

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  1. ooooooooooo so jealous, been wanting some of them for aaaages!