Saturday, 27 July 2013

Crows Toes & Elevation Polish Collaboration 'Too F*%#ing Hot & Too F*%#ing Cold' - Swatches and Review

Elevation Polish and Crows Toes are two of my favourite indie nail polish brands so I was excited to see they were working together to create this duo - Too F*%#ing Hot & Too F*%#ing Cold. Love the names too!
Too F*%#ing Hot & Too F*%#ing Cold Crows Toes Elevation Polish
The following are the official descriptions, just because they describe them better than I could! 'Too F*%#ing Hot- is a deep red jelly-shimmer with both black and red medium/large flake shimmer; Too F*%#ing Cold- is a blue tinted glitter topper with a complex blend of holographic & iridescent glitters.'
Crows Toes Too Hot Too Cold
I actually ended up liking this duo even more than I thought I would - I love how the iridescent glitters look against the red.  The formula was great, I used three coats of Too effin hot and two coats of Too effin cold, though you could get away with two and one.  
too hot too cold crows toes elevation polish
I think Too effin cold would look great over a variety of colours so I look forward to trying that out!  I purchased these from Llarowe and they're still in stock.  Pretty sure they aren't going to be around for long though, so if you do want them best to grab them sooner than later! :)
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