Friday, 19 July 2013

Femme Fatale 'Nightsong Grotto' - Swatches & Review

Here it is.. the polish that is on par with Emily de Molly's 'Cosmic Forces' on the difficulty-to-get-hold-of-on- Llarowe scale!  Was it worth all the constant refreshing and waiting?  MOST DEFINITELY!  I am in love... but we all know I'm a bit of a Femme Fatale fangirl so go ahead and have a look at the pics and see what u think :)
Femme Fatale Nightsong Grotto
Incredible right? Definitely one of my all time faves - I normally gravitate towards purples but if awesome was a colour this would be it, so I think I'll make an exception. Application was good, a bit thick (as you would expect from a polish this jam-packed with glitter) but nothing unmanageable, just need to take a bit more care with application.
Femme Fatale Nightsong Grotto
Nightsong Grotto is described as 'A lovely teal green base filled with various greens and teals, highlighted by a scattering of iridescence and pink holo. Reminiscent of lotus flowers floating along some forgotten stream in a shady forest.' Nice description, and seems pretty accurate.
Femme Fatale Nightsong Grotto
A lot of Sophies polishes are based on the game World of Warcraft. The following is a picture she posted on Instagram showing the inspiration for the polish - I think its amazing how she can look at that and turn it into polish form the way she does!
Femme Fatale Nightsong Grotto
I definitely recommend picking up this polish if you get the chance, its available from Femme Fatale (in Australia) or Llarowe. Harlow & Co is also about to restock Femme Fatale so it may be available there too.

Thanks for viewing my post! Have a great weekend :)

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