Monday, 18 November 2013

Black Rose Minerals - Swatches (Part 2)

Hey guys! Turns out the weather didn't agree that I should have this post up yesterday, because there was no sun to be seen! As soon as it peeked out today I ran off to finish up these swatches! You can find my first few swatches and overall review here. The 30% off sale at Black Rose Minerals is on until Monday at Midnight PST, so you still have a bit of time to get an order in :) In the interest of getting this post up speedily I'll leave out my comments on each shade, and just tell you my faves at the end. I will include the offical descriptions though. On to the pretties!!!

Black Rose Minerals Into the Void
Into the Void: "Black base glitters with violet and green sparkles"

Black Rose Minerals Lady of Light
Lady of Light: "A sheer white with a golden sheen"

Black Rose Minerals Crazy on You

Crazy on You: "A soft green with a golden glow reminiscent of the moonlight. And a bit of silver sparkles sprinkled throughout."

Black Rose Minerals Follow You into the Dark
Follow You into the Dark: "Dark grey with warm sparkles."

Black Rose Minerals Blood Moon

Blood Moon: "An eerie ethereal bluish-lavender with loads of red and purple shimmer and a pinkish/reddish/coppery/purple shift."

Into the Void, Lady of Light, Crazy on You, Follow You into the Dark, Blood Moon
(Left to Right: Into the Void, Lady of Light, Crazy on You, Follow You into the Dark, Blood Moon)

Black Rose Minerals Venom

Venom: "This shimmery violet has magenta hues shimmering under pink iridescent glitter"

Black Rose Minerals Nobodies

Nobodies: "A deep, shimmery electric blue"

Black Rose Minerals Hell Hammer

Hell Hammer: "This bright bloody red shimmers with highlights of red sparkles"

Black Rose Minerals Wise Wizard

Wise Wizard: "A silvery grey with a white sheen."

Black Rose Minerals Grape Drank

Grape Drank: "It doesn't get much more purple than this. If this were a drink, it would taste purple."

(Left to Right: Venom, Nobodies, Hell Hammer, Wise Wizard, Grape Drank)
Black Rose Minerals Leela
Leela: "this electric violet shimmers with female charm and prowess. Not for the faint of heart, this one is sheer and sparkly dry and a deep glowing violet when wet."

Black Rose Minerals Bittersweet
Bittersweet: "A mid tone orange with slight pink highlights and greeny gold sparkles." Note: The green hid from my camera, but it was there and it was so pretty!

Black Rose Minerals Bender

Bender: "This silver shines with a touch of blue."

Black Rose Minerals Luna

Luna: "A sheer ethereal light purple with lots of blue, red and purple shimmer."

(Left to Right: Leela, Bittersweet, Bender, Luna)
Phew! Lucky that sun hung around for a bit :P Hopefully this helps you make your decision on what to order from Black Rose Minerals, as I said yesterday I really recommend this company - the formula is superb. 
My faves of this bunch are: Into the Void (makes a great liner), Lady of Light (great highlight), Follow You into the Dark, Nobodies, Hell Hammer and Blood Moon. As you can tell I had some trouble narrowing my faves down lol, they're all great shades!

Thanks for viewing my post, hope you're having a great day :)


  1. Ahhh, I was just looking at swatches from Black Rose Minerals! I think you're about to push me over the edge again :P The only thing I was iffy about was their sample sizes. I keep hearing that they give 1/8th tsp, but I hear from others 1/4th. I don't know how I feel about getting samples that are half the size of Shiros!

    1. Hi Jolie :) I think you'll like BRM! The samples are 1/8th teaspoon, but its a generous 1/8th. If you are wanting a bit more I would go for the mini jars which are 1/4 teaspoon (again quite generous). They have a deal - 6 minis for $12, so I went for that. :) Also I grabbed the Mystery Pack ($8) and received 2 full sizes and 1 mini :) Let me know what you decide! :D

    2. I think I'll definitely check it out! I think the labels and the theme of the company itself is gorgeous. I'm sort of on a no-buy now; I know I say that a lot but I'm definitely trying this time!! I just got the full GoT collection (sample size) from Shiro, so yeah :( I still have a Victorian Disco order on my way ahh!!

    3. I love the branding of Black Rose Minerals - right up my alley! I also like a lot of her collection themes :) Ooo I'm jealous about the GoT Shiro samples - they're quite high on my 'to buy' list :) I have VDC on the way too, and have subscribed to I+T Alchemy which should be here any day :D I'm just about to read your shiro and NM posts!

  2. I have numerous shadows from BRM & usually buy when she has 30% off sales which is frequently. Even her baggie samples give you plenty of product.