Saturday, 16 November 2013

Black Rose Minerals - Swatches & Review (Part 1)

Hey Guys!! Today I was talked into swatching a few of my Black Rose Minerals shades for a friend that is wanting to place an order in the 30% off Birthday Sale, so I thought I would put them up here for you all to see! I ordered from Black Rose Minerals a looong time ago (well by long I mean early this year, but since then my makeup collection has escalated lol), they were one of the first indie makeup brands I tried. I loved everything I chose, and I've had a list ready for my next order sitting on my desktop for a couple of months. I will definitely be placing an order during this sale! Swatching these reminded me how much I adore these shadows. Looky! I even found my haul pic! This makes me happy because look how beautifully everything was packaged:
Black Rose Minerals
Eeee, look at all those pretties! Yes yes, a new order is imminent.  Anyway! I swatched 5 of the shades today and will do my very best to get the remaining 11(?) swatched tomorrow before the sale ends. These are shown over Pixie Epoxy because thats how I tend to wear my shadows, but I have tried these over regular primer and they performed well :)

Black Rose Minerals Hecate Swatch
Hecate: "light lavender with a slight green duochrome"
Hands down my fave BRM shade. That duochrome... Application was super smooth on this one, and I luuurve it.

Black Rose Minerals Hemera Swatch
Hemera: "A sheer, light bluish gray with a captiavating light violet shimmery duochrome"
This one reminds me a little of 'The Garden' from Kiss My Sass, but the base is a more blue-green and its a bit more sparkly. I love The Garden, and I love this - I'm happy to have them both in my collection :)

Black Rose Minerals Thirteen Swatch
Thirteen: Wear it dry for a mid-tone shimmery violet with slight blue highlights. Wear it wet for a deep violet hue with a metallic blue sheen.
As a fan of purple I am in love with this one, the blue sheen on it sets apart a bit in my collection. How could I have let this sit unused? *puts the jar aside to use tomorrow*

Black Rose Minerals Disintegration Swatch
Disintegration: A grey base with blue undertones and aqua sparkles.
I received this one as part of my Mystery Pack and I was thrilled, its definitely a 'me' shade. It has the almost ghostly look to it that always appeals to me.

Black Rose Minerals Black Math Swatch
Black Math: This hue has supreme color coverage with a fantastic red shimmer. It can look brownish depending on skin tone.
I wore this a lot when I received it, in fact I may need a full size.. it is incredibly pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Black Rose Minerals Black Math Swatch

I am very impressed with Black Rose Minerals. I find that their shadows have a superb formula, application is always smooth, and I haven't had any problems with wear time. I am actually glad its taken me so long to review these, as I can quite honestly say that out of all of the indie brands I've now tried (thats a lot), BRM has one of the best formulas. I am particularly fond of their duochrome shades - I will be trying to include as many as possible in my next order.

The branding is fantastic, the website is easy to navigate and their product range is HUGE. There are some fun collections listed including collections based on: Edgar Allan Poe  (A Collection of the Perverse), Lord of the Rings (The Collection to Rule Them All), Bleach (Space Cowboy) and Adventure Time (The Righteous Collection).

Why haven't I placed another order yet? I'm going to have to remedy this! Now is a fantastic time as BRM is running a sale for their 3rd birthday - 30% off using code 'THIRD', and they have also just released a new birthday collection.

Black Rose Minerals have a website here, a Storenvy site here and you can follow them on Facebook here.

Thanks for reading my post, sorry for any damage done to your wallets! :)

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