Thursday, 17 October 2013

Kiss My Sass Cosmetics - Swatches & Review

Hey guys! I'm reviewing another indie cosmetics brand today - Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. A few weeks ago they had a coupon code for free shipping worldwide which is amazing for us international girls, shipping for me often costs as much as, or more than the products themselves. I placed an order for three full size eyeshadows and two sample size eyeshadows. About two weeks later I received my package in the mail - pretty fast turnaround!
The eyeshadows came well packaged and the jars were sealed with shrink bands, and also had sealed sifters inside - so no leakage! I also received two samples of lip products - one lipstick and one lip tint.

You're going to have to forgive me - I'm still learning how to take pics of duochromes *shakes fist at camera* but hopefully these give you an idea of the colors!
Kiss my Sass Aurora
Aurora: " lilac with an intense turquoise shimmer that shifts to blue & violet in different lighting"
Such a pretty color combo, I'd been eyeing this one up for a while so its nice to finally have it :)
Kiss my Sass The Garden
The Garden: "mint green with a violet sheen"
This eyeshadow.... this was the one that I really wanted a good pic of because it is AMAZING. It has to be in my top 5 eyeshadows - the violet duochrome on it is stunning. My camera didn't cooperate particularly well so take a look at the pic, triple the awesome and you might be getting close to an idea of how pretty this is!
Kiss my Sass Radio
Radio: "burnt orange/cinnamon with a small amount of copper shimmer"
I admit I threw this one in simply because it was half price due to being the color of the month but I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would!
Kiss My Sass Swatches

Kiss my Sass Fireside Glow
Fireside Glow: "gray with a copper sheen & copper sparkles"
The sparkles in this shade make it special, the copper against the gray is fantastic.
Kiss my Sass Stay
Stay: "a dark gray with a heavy blue sheen (makes it look like a steel blue) and a few golden sparkles"
I'm a little bit mad at myself for not buying a full size of this one - something I'm going to have to remedy soon! 
Kiss My Sass Swatches

Kiss My Sass Lip Samples
Kiss My Sass Alicia Bonfire
Alicia is a gorgeous bright barbie pink satin! I love the idea of it but I'm not sure how well I personally can pull it off, I'll give it a go though! Its a lovely creamy texture, and I didn't find it drying at all.

Bonfire is more up my alley color wise, and I adore the texture of the lip tint - I find it really moisturising and would love to pick up a few of these for everyday wear. I love the fact that you can customise the flavors on the lip products - and there are so many to choose from! She also lets you combo up two choices, so I look forward to having a bit of fun thinking up some crazy combinations >:)

I'm really happy to have found this company, the website is professional and easy to navigate, they have a great range of products and I think the service is wonderful. I'm definitely interested in trying some more lip products as well as more eyeshadows - Kiss my Sass has just released a new halloween collection and I have my eye on a few shades, so I can see myself placing another order soon. :) I loved this order so much that I immediately signed up to the subscription service ($12 per month for US, $16 for international). I love surprises, and I don't feel like I'm going to be disappointed with this company :)

Thanks for viewing my post :) xx


  1. Hi! Thanks for following me! I followed you back :) I love that you do reviews on indie companies; I'm looking to check out more and more. Lovin your blog; keep it up!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments :) I need Shiro Tardis now because of your fantastic swatch!

    2. Thank you! Tardis is a beautiful color, but in my opinion, it seemed a little lighter than the actual Tardis. If you want a true Tardis color I would recommend Shiro's Colonel from the Fullmetal collection!