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Dreamworld Hermetica 'Hocus Pocus Collection' - Swatches & Review

Dreamworld Hermetica (formerly Dreamworld Minerals) are a family owned cosmetics company that produces Gluten Free and Vegan Products. Recently they were running a deal where you could get a whole bunch of their products to try for only $5. I jumped at the chance because its a brand I had been thinking of trying before. I exchanged a few emails with the owner, Ellie, (who was extremely helpful and speedy with her replies) about shipping and foundation shades and placed my order. Guys.... look what she sent me:
Dreamworld Hermetica

How incredibly generous and sweet! So many foundation shades to try! Its certainly given me a great feel for her products, and I have been very impressed so far! But I will try hard to organise my thoughts into 2 or 3 posts lol. First up I decided to swatch the 'Hocus Pocus' Halloween collection so that I could share it with you guys before it disappears. Ellie has said it will be available until November 1st. This collection includes 16(!) eyeshadow shades and 2 blush shades. Click on the pics to see them bigger :)

Dreamworld Underground Crypt Swatch
Underground Crypt: 'a pretty green with bluish undertones. Satiny finish!'
This is probably my favourite of the bunch, that green sheen with the muted base is stunning.

Dreamworld Hocus Pocus Swatch
Hocus Pocus: 'multi-colored, multi-demensional. Put it on and see every color in the rainbow from one color! Very sparkly without the usual fall out!'
I have to agree with her claim, there was very little fall out on this for such a sparkle-tastic shade. :)

Dreamworld Young Virgin Swatch
Young Virgin: 'A gorgeous blue color with shifting colors in the undertones!'
I saw this as more of a purplish shade in person - either way, its a good one!

Dreamworld 1693 Swatch
1693 - deep purplish brown in color.
An unexpected hit with me, I loved the range of colors that that came through on this!

Dreamworld Girl with the Yabbos Swatch
Girl with the Yabbos: 'a pretty brown to green shifting color...or is it green to brown! Only you can decide!' 
Ellie! I've made a decision - its brown to green! ;) Another fave of mine.

Dreamworld Little Witch Swatch
Little Witch: 'a satiny warm color that is great as a highlighter, but also on the lid. It's a white, with bronze and yellow undertones!' 
This came through as very bronze for me, I don't see it as a white. Lovely though!

Dreamworld Bloody Witch Swatch
Bloody Witch: 'middle sister of the evil witches! A deep brownish black with shifting reddish undertones.' 
It looks a bit like sparkly chocolate! Ok, now I want chocolate :-/ This is a brilliant rich brown and is one of the most pigmented in the collection.

Dreamworld Evil Witch Swatch
Evil Witch: 'A medium greenish color with blue undertones!' 
Ok maybe this one is my fave... I dunno... either this or Underground Crypt... I can't choose. Try them both if green sheens are your thing. :)

Dreamworld Siren Witch Swatch
Siren Witch: 'A deep satiny cool purple.'
Another pigmented and deep shade, went on so smoothly!

Dreamworld Spellbook Swatch
Spell Book: 'is a deep burgundy with multiple shimmers to indicate the spells that were used!'
This one was a tad more shimmery in person - more striking than it appears here. I did see it as more of a brown than a burgundy though.

Dreamworld Ice Swatch
Ice: 'A fun bluish silver color that is sparkly and light so makes a great highlighter!'
This one is sooo sparkly! I need to pair it up with Siren Witch, I think it would be a great look. :)

Dreamworld Black Flamed Candle Swatch
Black Flamed Candle: 'purplish brown with yellow undertones.' 
I swatched this too close to Angry Zombie... because once I swatched Angry Zombie I kept overlooking this one, I felt they were quite similar but I had a preference for AZ. 

Hallowed Ground: 'a soft irridescent green with a warm undertone.'
This one has a bit of a ghostly look to it which I think is quite fitting!

Dreamworld Angry Zombie Swatch
Angry Zombie: 'a mixture of copper, bronze and tan that has created a beautiful deep bronze color.'
Like I said above, I thought this was a gorgeous brown, such a fantastic shade of copper.

Dreamworld All Hallows Eve Swatch
All Hallow's Eve: 'a pretty warm metallic with pink undertones that shift.'
Ok, I mucked up this swatch a bit - sorry! :-/ Sort of a lighter version of Angry Zombie. Don't judge this one by the terrible swatching (the kids were getting impatient with me lol). The application is lovely and even - what you see here is user error :P

Dreamworld Cursed Boy Swatch
Cursed Boy: 'deep black with copper undertones!'
Prettier in person! Trust me. See that copper sparkle in there? Thats more of a sheen in person, and its gorgeous.

And the two blushes in the set:
Dreamworld All Hallows Sunset Witches Sunset
Witches Sunset: 'while it looks reddish on site, it has deep purplish undertones and is a lot of fun to wear!'
All Hallows Sunset: A soft peachy cheek color with pink undertones! Can also be warn as a shadow quite easily. 

I've shown the blushes applied heavily and blended out. They are both lovely and would co-ordinate well with the shadows in the set. I didn't really see the purplish undertones in Witches Sunset, it came off as more of a deep orange/red for me. I really like the shade that it is though.

Well! That was a lot of sparkles :)

So what do you guys think? My opinion is that this is a gorgeous collection with shades for everybody. My personal favourites are Underground Crypt, 1693, Girl With the Yabbos, Evil Witch and Siren Witch - they're all shades I can see myself reaching for. I'll definitely be placing an order for a larger size of some of these before they're gone. Application wise the shades were fantastic, some would have behaved better on regular primer than pixie epoxy (Cursed Boy being one that comes to mind). I found the pigmentation of all shades to be great, I worked harder with some to get them looking even, but again that is likely to be Pixie Epoxy not playing nicely with certain shades. I can happily recommend these eyeshadows - quality, customer service and range are all fantastic. Its obvious that Ellie knows what shes doing!

Dreamworld Hermetica offers such an enormous range of products on their website, and samples are available for most products. I can't wait to talk about some more of the products I received in the next post. I've had so much fun playing with everything!

Check out Dreamworld's facebook page as there are often specials listed there and shop the fantastic range on the website here :) I really don't have anything negative to say about Dreamworld, from the contact I've had with the owner, its obvious she is committed to providing quality products and she is always happy to help her customers with any questions they have. She also seems to be interested in constantly improving and expanding her line, its great to see when brand owners really take customers feedback into consideration!

Thanks for reading my post, hopefully you've seen something you like! xx

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