Saturday, 17 August 2013

My Lush Haul

So yesterday was my 5th wedding anniversary - its certainly been a productive five years with three kids to show for it!  Anyway I got super spoilt and my hubby took me to Lush to buy me a pressie - he knows how to keep wifey happy :)  Heres what I got...
Lush Karma, Tiny Hands, Lovely Jubblies, Rock Star Soap, Chou Chou Toothy Tabs

Lucky huh? He had a bit of help from me, but some of it he picked on his own!

Lush Rock Star Soap
Rock Star soap - this is one of his picks and its the second time hes bought it for me. I ran out of it a while ago and I've really missed it - I wish they would put this smell in more products because I could just sniff it all day.  Rock Star is vanilla scented.

Lush Karma Perfume
Karma solid perfume - mmm this is the only Lush smell that can give the Rock Star soap a run for its money imo. From the Lush website: 'Karma is a powerful, spicy and unique patchouli and citrus perfume'. This is going to be a product I buy again and again, its just amazing.

Lush Chou Chou Toothy Tabs
Chou Chou .. I Love You toothy tabs - This is a product I've wanted to try for a while. Its quite an interesting experience! You just crunch the tablet between your teeth (I advise slowly, as they're quite strong), then brush your teeth as normal - the tablet froths up as you brush. My teeth did feel clean afterwards and I had lovely rose scented breath! I quite like these, and I will definitely repurchase - I would like to give the other kinds a go too.  I did make my husband try these too - hes not a fan lol - didn't like the texture and the taste. Oh well - least he won't be stealing them!

Lush Lovely Jubblies
Lovely Jubblies - YES, finally!  I've wanted to try this product for a long time now, I've breastfed three kids so Lush's description appealed to me: 'We’ve developed a cream to keep your bits firm and supple. This blend of cold-pressed, organic oils can keep your knockers, decolletage, stomach and bottom in top nick'. This sounds amazing - looking forward to seeing if I notice any changes after using this for a while. It definitely smells great - a mix of orange blossom and rose.

Lush Tiny Hands
Tiny Hands solid moisturiser - I'm a mum to kids in nappies, so I wash my hands about 238676 times a day - I use a lot of moisturiser. I trialled this product in the shop and loved the way it felt on my hands so my husband insisted on getting it for me <3  Its a blend of vanilla, chamomile, marigold and cocoa butter and you just rub it between your hands to help 'soften and repair dry and sore hands'. I've already used this quite a bit and I love it - the moisturising effect really lasts.

So overall I was super happy with my pressie - I love absolutely everything I got and I can see all the items becoming fixtures in my body care routine. What Lush products have you tried - anything you would recommend? Get your fix in your local lush store or online.

Thanks for reading my post! xx

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