Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Pretty Zombie 'Violet Bites' (aka my custom shade!)

I am incredibly excited about this post because I get to tell you all the story about the custom eyeshadow that Andrea from My Pretty Zombie made for me! *Warning* If you're squeamish you probably want to skip the bit about how it got its name lol.

This is the message I sent to poor Andrea:

"Hi, I was looking at your Grandma Cleavage eyeshadow while breastfeeding my 1.5 year old, thinking "I'm totally going to end up with grandma cleavage if I end up feeding her much longer" and started thinking it would be awesome to have an eyeshadow (being the addict that I am) that kind of celebrated the time we've had bonding like this, because I am thinking of stopping soon. Her name is Violet so I was thinking kind of a purple instead of blue but with the same golden shift that Grandma Cleavage has. Oh and it should be called 'Violet Bites', cos she does ... and it hurts. lol."
Because she is an awesome person, instead of running a mile she wrote back:
"Lolol!!!! I love everything about this! Let me see what I can come up with <3
Later that day (!) she sent me this preview:
My Pretty Zombie Violet Bites Swatch

And so, Violet Bites was born! And I love it! Its 9,000 x more amazing than I could have imagined. Andrea did a fantastic job and just to top things off she has decided to add this to her shop for others to enjoy too! 

My Pretty Zombie Violet Bites Jar
My Pretty Zombie Violet Bites Swatch

Violet Bites is a gorgeous dusty purple with gold shimmer/sheen - it really needs to be seen in person to appreciate fully, its gorgeous!

What do you guys think? Gonna pick it up? I think I need backups!!! Andrea has said that it will be available in her shop soon so keep an eye out for it if you want to snag a jar :) *EDIT* Violet Bites is now available in My Pretty Zombie's shiny new store! :D
Shes beautiful... but sooo. many. teeth. :P

Thanks for viewing my post, hope you're having a great day :)


  1. Great story, idea and color! :-)

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